Fiattech in its current form is no longer. We want to clarify and quash the rumors circulating once and for all, whether you want to accept it or not. No, we didn’t receive a cease and desist from FCA to shut down. No, we didn’t ask for thousands of dollars to maintain the site. All we needed was a bit of support for the 5 years of service we provided out of pocket. $1, $2 or $10, whatever you and the vendors could donate to keep it running. We were open to all suggestions. Any overflow amount of donations would have gone to a charity of your choice or towards raffles for parts. After reading all your suggestions,that was the go ahead plan.

In turn, everyone is questioning or blaming us for its demise. Unfortunately, we don’t work for free. Neither do you. We couldn’t get the support needed to continue with the costs involved in maintaining the site and that starts with the vendors. All the hours and costs involved for 5 years are immeasurable. No vendor paid for advertising in the 5 year existence of Fiattech. Instead, of supporting us as we did for them, the vendors got together and opened their own forum the very same day we closed. That was quick. They didn’t want to pay rent on Fiattech, but they’ll gladly spend money to start up their own forum and pay rent on other forums. That to us is very disappointing to say the least and puts a lot into perspective. These people were considered friends and we helped them in every way possible that goes beyond the forum. For those angry at us, we think you’re directing your anger towards the wrong subjects. Talk to the vendors that abandoned Fiattech, not us.

We would like to thank our members for their contributions to our 5 year existence. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Will there be another Fiattech? The thought is floating around, but it wouldn’t include vendors anymore. Lesson learned on that business model.

We would gladly take suggestions and comments through

Thank you all